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To help provide more information on cane price management, we have developed a set of fact sheets that cover topics such as forward pricing, the sugar market, futures and the link between sugar marketing and pricing. These fact sheets form a series that you can use to follow the numerous elements that go into making the cane price you receive. 

Please contact the team if you'd like any further information on cane pricing. 


pdfFact Sheet 1 - Cane Price Formula

pdfFact Sheet 2 - Nominal Sugar Exposure

pdfFact Sheet 3 - Net Sugar Price

pdfFact Sheet 4 - World Sugar Market

pdfFact Sheet 5 - Raw Sugar Futures Market

pdfFact Sheet 6 - Physical Sugar Sale

pdfFact Sheet 7 - Forward Season Sugar Prices

pdfFact Sheet 8 - Raw Sugar Swap

pdfFact Sheet 9 - US Quota